Smart business development during COVID-19

GloBAS Group is an expert in international business development since 2006. Travelling was always “a must” in our work and we used to arrange a lot of face-to-face meetings for our customers  all over the world. 
 Since March international travelling is no longer possible. Today  many countries experience the strong “second wave” of COVID-19 and it is hard to predict when we will be able to meet personally again.
What to do with a business development in such a situation? Frozen? Sit and wait? How long? Will the local market bring necessary sales volumes? A lot of questions arise and huge level of uncertainty. 
 We have tried pro-active approach and we succeed! During pandemic period GloBAS has successfully completed several new projects for business development in Russia with a final  set of online meetings instead of face-to-face
 How does it work for channel sales:we discuss with the client criteria of potential successful partners;

  • we manually search on the local market all suitable distributors, resellers, dealers;
  • we introduce client’s company to prospect sales partners and schedule online meetings with the most perspective and motivated;
  • our client starts to get a requests for its products and do pilot supplies!

A “smart-way” of regional management
 Our company also works as a regional sales representative for the direct sales. We act as a part of client’s team and communicate directly to end-users. There is no limitation to travel locally, so although our client can’t come personally to the customer, we can do this.
 How does it work for direct sales:

  • we are searching for prospect customers locally and follow up the current key accounts;
  • we coordinate sales partners and push them to be pro-active in sales; 
  • when there is a need for the personal meeting – that’s us who go to face-to-face negotiations and our Client joins online; 

A “smart-way” for regional trainings.  
And finally to prove that this approach really works – just have a look at the picture below. The chief engineers from the top-of-the-top Russian industrial companies get together to learn engineering software from Swiss. We have had over 10 companies from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Tula, Yaroslavl, Perm who came at the fee-based specific training in the middle of October. The expert from the Switzerland taught online and everybody were more than satisfied.  

Do you prefer to wait or to act?

Staying at your services and hoping for the best, Irina Voronkina, CEO at GloBAS Group
skype: irina.voronkina