International sales – How to optimize costs

For over 15 years GloBAS International has been helping SMBs to expand internationally. Through our vast experience we have seen many examples of companies either achieving effective investments with fast ROI or wasting their corporate budgets without any return. Another approach, which we see quite often as well – is not planning any spending for international business development at all, but expecting customers and partners to come themselves.

We are continuously seeking to answer one of the most important questions about international business development for our clients: “Where is the balance for investments vs return? How to choose and implement an effective path for internationalization?

Just to name a few conservative methods of internationalization:

  • Website, marketing materials, and product localisations;
  • Pro-active sales “from home” or just waiting for customers;
  • Establishing a subsidiary abroad with local or “home-based” staff;
  • Exhibiting or visiting foreign fairs and exhibitions;
  • Onboarding agents and waiting for them to start sales…

Which options to choose when you are just starting to explore a new region?

GloBAS has conducted research on the minimum costs of market entrance in the first year with a subsidiary vs with the “home-country” sales .

*Estimations based on the UAE as entrance market and Western Europe, as “home-market”, 2023

Surprisingly – the costs are similar and still quite high. SMBs do not have the capacity to risk critical resources such as time and capital without the confidence that they will achieve their ROI goals. Traditional approaches such as investments in exhibitions, new hires, opening offices and marketing campaigns are likely to yield insufficient returns. At GloBAS, we offer our clients tailored alternative solutions to maximize their success of entering into a new market while maintaining cost effectiveness throughout the process.

If you are seeking the optimal balance for investments vs return, as well as an effective path for internationalization – trust the professionals and join GloBAS International’s long list of successful multinational clients.

GloBAS International guarantees stable profits with minimal risks. We not only assist in initiating the internalization process but also ensure frequent and consistent sales. Our local and native sales representatives become a part of your sales team, extended to represent interests of your company in the new region.  We help you establish relationships with resellers or newtwork with the prospect clients, not only by phone or email but face-to-face for better results.

We will guide you through the challenging process of launching a small presence in a market to test the waters and lay the groundwork for expansion i.e. to establish a subsidiary abroad with a full staff once we verify that the market is ready.

We will streamline your expenses, assess markets, and open doors for you – you just choose the country and we will take care of the rest.

Want to save? Trust the professionals!

Still hesitant? – come to our workshop on December 12th  and get some new ideas for budget optimization during international expansion. Take it as a nice gift for yearly financial planning. Register here.

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