Market research

We will be glad to assist you with your marketing needs around the world with the highest level of service guaranteed. Our services cover the whole process starting from simple regional market research or competitive analysis to product and marketing materials localization, participation in fairs and events, partners’ audit, customer interviewing, PR and brand awareness and much more.

Going Global Strategy

Do you plan to expand your business internationally, or are you already making your first steps abroad? With proper knowledge about the regional market, you will make your way to success.

Preliminary market analysis can save you resources spent on perspectiveless markets and help you build a clear and successful business strategy in the new market. We believe that success in the new market is achieved with 60% of preparations and 40% of real actions.

Market research components

To make research the most specific and practical, we provide you with the opportunity to choose the components we will focus on in our research, in addition to choosing 1-3 regions for deep analysis.
Global market overview
Preliminary global market insight into a particular industry to understand in which region to expand
Regional market overview
Market volumes, potential key customers and trends in your niche market in the target region
Competitive analysis
Detailed competitive research in the target region to invest wisely and avoid waste of resources
Marketing opportunities
Local marketing and PR opportunities, events and exhibitions
Restrictions and risks
Any sanctions or restrictions in the target region
Legislation and business specifics
  • certification
  • accreditation
  • approval and localization needs
  • communication nuances
Global sales strategy
Recommendations for sales strategy:
  • online
  • direct
  • channel
  • OEM
International expansion SWOT to prepare you for all the eventualities


Understand the market

Minimize risks

Develop a strategy

Discover potential

Conducting market research beforehand is crucial to ensuring your success. A deeper understanding of your target audience and identification of potential challenges and opportunities will help you avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on the most promising opportunities.

With this knowledge, you can develop effective marketing strategies and tailor your products and services to meet the specific needs of the local market, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved business performance.

What to do next?

If you decide to continue your journey to the new market with us, we will gladly put into practice the strategy we developed during the market research. Depending on your product and needs, we can help you set up a distribution network as per channel sales strategy or become your regional sales representative in the new market.

If you wish to know more about these services, follow the links below or send us a request through an online form to get a free consultation.
Channel sales
For the manufacturers of ready-to-go products, we recommend a channel sales strategy. We will gladly help you to recruit qualified and proactive sales partners in the new region.
Regional sales representatives
We help companies to operate in regional markets as their own subsidiary. With our local and native representatives, we can perform local sales on behalf of your company.