Most useful Chinese websites to search information about companies in China

When we want to cooperate with some company we need to know some basic information about would be partner. This article is devoted to must know Chinese web sites for learning information about companies. Warning all the web platforms down below are Chinese so knowledge of Chinese is needed

1) QiChaCha (


On this web site you may find information about fields of activities, dates of registraition, phone numbers, founders, initial capitals and lots of other useful data. One of the most useful features of the platform is that it provides user with graphic information and makes some analysis on the topics you need. It has its own app. For extended functions registration is needed.

2) AiQiCha (

Aiqicha is really similar to the previous one. They both have the same functions but sometimes information on these two platforms is different. The best way is to use them both. It also have its own application and registration is needed for using extended functions.

3) Chinese marketpalces

It is not a web site but a group of them. Marketplaces is a good way to find a company for further investigation. They quite often have international versions of the websites and possesses the tools for connecting to suppliers. On those platforms you may find some basic data on a company. The most popular ones belong to Alibaba group.

4) Chinese social media

Chinese social networks may contain information about companiy’s current activities which may be useful. On our previous topic we share a list of Chinese messengers. The most popular of them WeChat has a function of public pages and many a companies use it for sharing news and promotion. Chinese blog Weibo ( and social network qq are good places to follow Chinese companies.