International sales – 5 ways to optimize costs! 

As December unfolds, a month marked by meticulous budget planning for the upcoming year, we present our workshop on Budget Optimization in Global Expansion—our gift for SMBs worldwide. 

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to our exclusive workshop, “Budget Optimization in Global Expansion,” hosted by GloBAS International on December 12th at 11:00 CET. This comprehensive session will delve into the intricacies of strategic budget optimization vital for companies embarking on international expansion. 

Explore cost-effective strategies, draw insights from successful case studies, and uncover the delicate balance between investments and returns. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to exploring global markets, our workshop promises valuable insights to aid informed decision-making and conserve precious resources. 

Agenda Highlights: 

  1. Overview of classic approaches to international business development. 
  2. Sales from Home Market: costs, pros and contras.
  3. Establishing a subsidiary:  risks, investments, opting-in and… out.
  4. Channel sales: tricks, challenges, and budgets involved.
  5. How to choose your way and balance.

The topics will be followed by real-life examples from our practice and will include an exploration of the equilibrium between investments and returns. We will provide the practical case-studies illustrating stable profits with minimal risks, which you will be able to implement immediately into your 2024 strategies. 

In today’s dynamic and turbulent business landscape, venturing into global markets demands not only strategic vision but also cost-effective financial planning. Our workshop is designed to furnish you with indispensable knowledge and insights, enabling you to navigate the complexities of international expansion while optimizing your budget for sustainable success. 

Secure your spot today to ensure your business is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities inherent in international expansion. This workshop is a strategic investment in your business’s future success. Register here

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