What are the key criteria for choosing an international consultant?
Recently I’ve conducted some brief research among my network of contacts on LinkedIn – what are the key criteria for businessmen when choosing a business consultant? Here are some of the answers I’ve collected…
“make sure that whoever you appoint, has worked in that role as an executive; for many years, before becoming a consultant.”
“I look at the communication skills and patience of the person in the international business. Most of the time Business developers and salespeople are more concerned about selling their services, but I prefer those who first listen to me, my issues and guide me with the best solutions instead of selling what they have or set a target for.”
“first is the portfolio in a relevant field, the second, to check the major objectives of the clients in the portfolio, general KPI’s followed, improvements of KPI’s in time, if there is any follow up at a certain timing and third point, letters of recommendation or testimonials”

I often hear about “bad previous experience” with consultants and even more often I have tough discussions regarding price. Regardless of which consultant you choose to work with, have in mind and analyse fully before became attracted cheap costs:

  • What is the practical result you get from this partnership? Did you get a clear, transparent and structured plan?
  • Will this person introduce your company in the right way and will not damage the reputation of your business in a new region from the very beginning?
  • Just in case something goes wrong – who will help the contacts with partners and customers? Will you have access to all the information and be able to keep/continue the business further without this “consultant”?

Be careful, professional partners will save you time, budget and suggest a realistic result. They might be not always cheap and not promise “the world”, but they will do their job in a professional and honest way.

Irina Voronkina