3 Must Have Software Tools for Effective Sales

Being over 20 years in b2b sales, GloBAS Group has tested, accessed and implemented dozens of helpful automatization tools for sales and marketing. Let’s consider TOP-3 MUST HAVE in a series of our short articles. 

#1 is definitely a CRM solution 

“I was indeed surprised to know that there are still companies that do NOT use CRM or Sales Force solutions yet. Graduating as Ms.Sc. in automated systems of control back in 2004, I had diploma project dedicated to creating one of the first customer relationship management tools. Today, 20 years later, there is a variety of solutions which simplify and increase corporate sales”, tells Irina Voronkina, CEO of GloBAS Group. 

Why implement CRM in your organization?

  • one single place to keep all the prospects’ data;
  • access to all the communication history, including calls and email correspondence;
  • tracking your sales managers’ performance in a simple and transparent way; 
  • getting real-time sales forecasting and current deals status from your prospects. 

It is hard to underestimate the importance and convenience of CRM solution working properly at your enterprise. To the C-Level management of the company, the tool will provide one of the best overviews on the current sales process. Surprisingly, CRM solution will also appeal to the sales managers, granting them convinient prospects follow-up, a structured approach, less bureaucracy and paperwork and, as a result, more resources for effective communication.  

What is the cost?

Today there are plenty of CRM solutions in the market. Prices start from as low as 10 USD per user per month for quite enough functionality. GloBAS suggests services on choosing and turn-key implementation of CRM solution, which suits best your company tasks and structure. 

In case of any questions about CRM choise and useage – contact us via contact@globasinternational.com.

Next time, we will review the rest two solutions to enhance sales and performance in sales & marketing.