Top Chinese messengers to speed up business communication precesses in China

For last few years China is the largest exporter and at the same time the second largest importer of high-technology goods and services in the world. It makes China extremely attractive for business cooperation for companies all over the globe.

However, making business with China has a number of issues and challenges. As they say: “China is another world”. According to our experience, the b2b communication methods which are traditional for Western companies (i.e. emails, phone calls) do not work in a proper way with small and middle level companies of China.

There are many reasons for it, but today let’s consider one of the the key one, which is The Great Firewall of China. This is combination of measures and technologies to regulate and control the internet inside China. It means some foreign web sites are not supported in Mainland China. GF (Great Firewall) caused a developing of Chinese local web services, social networks, platforms, apps e.c.t. This article is devoted to Chinese messengers that a company could use to speed up the communicating processes and succeed in business in PRC (Peoples republic of china).

1) WeChat


Developed in 2011 by Tencent Co, In Modern China WeChat is undisputed leader among other messengers. The Survival important app for those who live in there. It has functions of group chats, auto translations, money transferring, video calls. After the first call, most Chinese companies ask to continue communication in this app. It’s used in business as well as in the daily live.

2) WeCom

WeCom is a communication platform for enterprises that includes communication and office automation tools. It is integrated with WeChat. Companies are able to fill the information about themselves and communicate via app with others or between themselves. Unlike WeChat, WeCom is basically used for business matters. It has such functions as Customer Management and Operations, Internal Management, Productivity Tolls, Storages etc.

3) QQ

QQ is the oldest messenger in the list. It was developed in 1999. Last years QQ lost its leadership in so-called competition between messengers, but it still has 700+ millions of users that makes it quite useful in communication.

4) Lark

Lark is a messenger that was developed in 2019 for Singapore domestic market but has become popular in Asia and particularly in China. It has number of functions for online education, remote working, web storage. Lark may be suitable for IT companies.

These apps are leaders among others. We believe using them would have been helpful for overseas companies .