GloBAS implements MS Dynamics CRM for its customer

GloBAS International is an expert in international business development and global sales since 2006. Hard to imagine global, but even local sales without well-functioning and supportive CRM corporate solutions.

Being a well-experienced user of CRM solutions itself, trying a number of SaaS software for sales and marketing, GloBAS acted this time as a system integrator and implementor of MS Dynamics Sales HUB and Marketing software to its old customer from Germany with sales team distributed in over than 30 countries.

With a small working team from the customer’s side GloBAS project engineer, Mr. Boris Rakhimov went through each and every nuance of the sales process and dive into the details of the corporate direct marketing process.

The task was to replace a direct marketing solution from an existing vendor, which didn’t satisfy customers by a number of parameters to a new solution and to implement Sales Hub CRM additionally from scratch. The choice for MS Dynamics software was done due to the company’s strong commitment to Microsoft solutions set, including Outlook, One Drive, MS Team, and others.

“We have been a part of the sales team with this customer for many years, representing their regional sales interests. It was my special pleasure and challenge to act as CRM implementation partner in addition. Being graduated as a software engineer in business process automatization, working always in sales – I truly appreciate the trust we were given to  perform this task”, says Irina Voronkina, CEO of GloBAS Group.

Are you still hesitating about CRM implementation in your company? Let’s discuss it in an online call or review our extended article about CRM implementations here.