Transforming Trade Shows into Business Opportunities with GloBAS International

GloBAS International has been attending numerous fairs and exhibitions in the Middle East and Europe over the last few months, including EMO Hannover, ADIPEC, GITEX, ReAM, RoTic, and more.

We’ve been wondering about the productivity and number of prospects generated from participating in such fairs. Do they yield results? What’s the return on investment? Is it worth investing thousands of euros and a whole week, with employees stepping out of their work schedules to attend these exhibitions? 

GloBAS International, specializing in International Business Development since 2006, has its doubts. While using the exhibitions for brand-awareness purposes and meeting existing clients might be a costy, but worthy option, exploring the new region with fair booths can be excessive.

 To explore the new market and to generate as many possibilities as possible with guaranteed results we offer an alternative approach, which includes:

  • manual search of the prospect partners or/and clients in the chosen region;
  • door opening via initial communication by local and native project managers;
  • part-time sales representative for further networking and deal closure.

Get 95% guarantee of result and be sure you don’t miss a chance in the region!

Once you entrust us, you will open doors to a cost-effective and practical approach, based on real actions and not kind of luck.   

If this sounds relevant, feel free to book a meeting with our CEO at  or book time for an online call here.