On 10-11th July, the company “Lingva d.o.o.” from Slovenia, accompanied by the GloBAS Group, visited potential business partners in France. The representative of the company, Gregor Felicijan, with help of the project manager of the GloBAS Group, Francois Michalon, had several successful meetings in Seurre and Evry. “The response from the potential partners is really positive and we strongly hope that we will reach an agreement and start doing business together”, said Mr. Felicijan, adding that he was “really happy” with the service of the GloBAS Group.

Now “Lingva d.o.o.” is already planning the next trip to France in October – to visit all remaining potential customers with whom they did not manage to meet during the first trip. All the meetings will be again organised by the GloBAS Group.

“Lingva d.o.o.” specialises in the production of printed circuit boards and SMD stencils, with almost 30 years of experience in the market.