GloBAS Group helps companies to expand their sales internationally since 2006. With our local and native representatives in different countries we are covering Russia and CIS, China, Europe, USA and , GCU regions. We support our clients with establishing effective sales channels in the chosen region, with outsourcing local direct sales or total business representative functions. We are experts in international sales, marketing and operations.

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Managing daily business

Are you sure, you need to waste budget to full-functioning office in other countries? We can take care, consider outsourcing:

  • working with prospects and clients in the region;
  • arranging marketing and PR locally;
  • taking care about documents and internal logistic operations;
  • coordination of partners and sub-contractors.

Finding new suppliers

In the current economic environment it is critical to have best-priced, good-quality and reliable suppliers. Our company will help to establish a relations with new partners:

  • searching and creating along-list of potential suppliers, according to your requirements;
  • introductory negotiations and checking all the criteria from prospect suppliers;
  • establishing direct contact and helping in the first stage negotiations.

Establishing a branch

When business requires having a local legal entity, just contact us for help:

  • budget estimations for the initial opening and monthly charges;
  • search of the required office and/or stock spaces;
  • legal company establishment;
  • accounting outsourcing

Legal and accounting advice

We do have an experienced international layer in our team to deals with:

  • checking and creation agreements of different kinds;
  • helping in case of any disputes according to existing contracts;
  • advising on your particular business cases

Logistics and Custom clearance support

Our partners on logistic would be glad to help with:

  • delivery of goods;
  • custom clearance advice and calculations;
  • arranging all the international and local delivery “turn-key”
  • consider local stock opportunities


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