GloBAS Group helps companies to expand their sales internationally since 2006. With our local and native representatives in different countries we are covering Russia and CIS, China, Europe, USA and , GCU regions. We support our clients with establishing effective sales channels in the chosen region, with outsourcing local direct sales or total business representative functions. We are experts in international sales, marketing and operations.

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Going Global strategy

Whether you are just starting your international expansion or already have done the first steps, our experience and support is at your service:

  • global market scratch in your vertical industry;
  • target regions detailed researches;
  • recommendations on sales approach: online, direct, channel etc.
  • international expansion SWOT – what to be ready for in your particular case;
  • working our international business development strategy

Regional market research

Have you already chosen or just hesitating about target regions to develop sales. In order not to risk, check with us first:

  • target market volumes and trends in your particular vertical;
  • competition situation at the target country, including a local manufacturers and pricing policies;
  • legislation specifics – certifications, accreditation, approval needs in each particular target country;
  • business specifics – localization needs, communication language acceptance, any sanctions or restrictions in the target areas
  • checking existing or previous tenders in your particular area;
  • marketing opportunities, events, fairs, communication platforms.

Localization and Translation

This is now our target specialization, we are communication experts, but many of you asked and we are happy to suggest:

  • localization of marketing documents and presentations;
  • proof-reading of the web-site and marketing data;
  • localization of the software;
  • translation of legal and technical documentation

Events organizing

Having experience in arranging different kind of events, from one-to-one meetings to the international exhibitions, we can support you with:

  • scheduling b2b meetings with target partners or customers;
  • arranging webinar or on-site seminar “turn-key”;
  • support fair participation from stand design to complete staff outsourcing at the booth;
  • press-conferences and product launches.

Phone interviewing

We are at your services for:

  • prospect customers interviewing;
  • hidden-customer researches and visits;
  • quality check calls to clients

Public Relations

Working with press and product launch is one of our strong points:

  • writing and distributing press-releases;
  • gathering database of target press and online-portals;
  • monthly press-clippings;
  • fee-based ads coordination;
  • arranging press-conferences.


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