GloBAS Group is an expert in international sales and communications. Our key specialization is to develop sales in the new regions, whether it is channel sales, direct sales or any combination of sales approaches required by a particular product type and market.

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For the manufacturers of ready-to-go products we recommend to consider channel sales approach in the new regions. With using resellers, dealers, distributors time-to-market will be much faster, easier and smoother. How to find and recruit qualified, pro-active, motivated sales partners internationally? This is our job for over 10 year and we will be happy to help you in 3 easy steps.


For highly customized projects, products or services, which required localization, installations, complicated negotiations we are happy to act as a direct sales representative and perform both sales and account management. Direct sales can serve also as an additional benefit for channel partners scheme: it helps partners to be supported and motivated and it eliminate the risks of changing the partner by keeping in touch with key account customers directly.

Channel sales

Building international sales

Whether you are just thinking about setting up sales structure, we are at your service to help:

  • To analyze which sales structure fits your product better;
  • To do a global market screens for your particular market verticals;
  • To check the competitors positions at the target international markets;
  • Do SWOT and prioritizing of countries and regions to export;
  • And much more.

International sales channel program

To get all the benefits from international channel sales network it should be reasonably structured, documented and coordinated. Our services includes working out a comprehensive channel development roadmap which really works for channel sales all over the world. Just take it, implement it and get positive results:

  • Partnership program: rules and description book;
  • Partner manual and sales guidance;
  • Forecast reporting form and rules;
  • Deal protection approach;
  • Partner recruitment checklists and much more.

International sales partners search

How to find a qualified reseller in a new region? And if you are not speaking local language? In the current economic conditions when travelling and exhibitions are restricted? That’s a challenge, but not for GloBAS Group. We are helping to find local partners by manual local search, according to your preferred partner’s profile. We guarantee that we will find and provide you a long list of potential sales partners in the country, which contains 99% of all the companies working in target sector. How does it works:

  • We discuss with you and create the profile of potential successful sales partner;
  • Our local project managers do MANUAL search and create the XLS database of potential partners;
  • We contact all the partners on behalf of the client, introduce your company to decision maker and agree about the detailed negotiations at online of face-to-face meeting;
  • From the whole variety of prospect partners in the market – you choose and go into relations only with the best ones.

International sales partners coordination

To recruit the right sales partners is just beginning of the long way of business development in the new region. To be realistic – partners, who are working completely by their own, without support, motivation and negotiations sounds like a fairytale. This is where manufacturer input and participation is really appreciated. We can orchestrate and manage sales locally:

  • Sales partners coordination and support on the local language;
  • · Deal protections to avoid any conflicts between the partners;
  • Forecasting and sales planning to provide you with regional sales pipelines;
  • Key account management – personal contacts with key end customers and users;
  • Face-to-face meetings in the country, when needed;
  • Any marketing, PR, certification tasks for the regional business development.


  •   Step 1

    Preparation research

  • Step 2

    Recruiting local sales partners

  • Step 3

    Managing local sales

Estimated length of the step:
1 month;

  • Market volume and market shares estimation;
  • Competitors’ presence in the region;
  • Regional pricing policy of competitors;
  • Potential certification needs, legal procedures;
  • Target marketing events, exhibitions & fairs;
  • Other questions about the region on request.

Estimated length of the step:
2 months;

  • Discussion and creating the profile of potential successful sales partner;
  • Manual search and creation the XLS database of potential partners;
  • Prioritising of the partners;

Introduction to potential partners:

  • Creating a telephone discussion scenario;
  • Follow up materials;
  • Contacting potential sales partners on behalf of the Client and introducing the cooperation offer;
  • Recording the feedback of each potential partner in an XLS database;

Scheduling and assistance in b2b meetings in Russia:

  • Scheduling b2b meetings with the most promising potential sales partners;
  • Personal assistance during the Client's visit to partners and during the meetings' communications.

Estimated number of hours - from 30 hours/month; 


• Dedicated project manager for daily communications (cold calling, simple tasks, reporting, localization, etc);

• Senior project manager for project coordination, management and control. For key accounts negotiations (including face-to-face meetings);

• Vertical specialists on request for working under marketing, PR, logistics, accounting, legal issues;



• Personal communications with key accounts, including B2B meetings and project coordination;

• Lead-generation. Searching, cold calling to prospective partners, proper follow up for closing a deal;

• Recruiting, controlling and motivating sales partners in the region, keeping in constant contact
with each partner, the support and coordination of their activities, assistance in daily operations;

• Marketing. Localization, adaptation, production, and distribution of marketing materials.
Newsletters to customers and prospective partners. Exhibiting and fairs participation, etc.;

• PR. Communication to local press, the writing and distribution articles & press releases. Advertising
coordination, incl. Google Ads. Arranging local road-shows, training, demonstrations;

• Providing weekly reporting about the local situation and activities in the region.


Includes also:

• Local business address

• Direct company phone line

• Shelf for marketing materials

Direct sales

Generating new customers

We are offering services of customers lead generation in a new region for you. This can be especially helpful when:

  • your projects are too complicated to be distributed via sales channels;
  • you need to understand the feed back from the market by direct approach to end-users;
  • you want to help your resellers with prospect leads

In this case, after a short training, we may act as a part of your company for:

  • contacting potential new clients;
  • identification of regional business opportunities;
  • arranging meetings for detailed technical discussions;
  • coordinating sales process and closing deals

With our help you’ll have a direct access to projects, tenders and potential new clinte sin the region where we operate.

Representing your company

Often, in the new regions, the tasks are not limited only with the searching new clients, you need to accomplish a lot of other tasks to really start and develop sales. However the market is yet too unstable to establish a local legal entity and to recruit full-time staff. After a short training, we can provide:

  • dedicated project manager for representing your company interests in the country;
  • senior manager to project coordination and control, as well as for key account management;
  • dedicated direct phone line only for your company;
  • shelf for marketing materials, local production and distribution of marketing materials;
  • covering all the daily communications with your prospects, partners, customers, sub-contractors;
  • pro-active approach for the local market changes.

Our dedicated project manager and senior manager will become part of your corporate team.

We are acting on the hourly basis, with minimum recommended 30 hours per month.

Subsidiary outsourcing​

Includes all the options from the representing your company offer, but in this case we are also taking care about the legal entity of your company in the country. In case you’d need:

  • a local full-functioning legal entity;
  • a local stock;
  • arranging internal logistics and custom clearance;
  • arranging internal invoices and proper financial documents;
  • but the risks and costs are still too high to do it 100% by your own.


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