10 Hints to Establishing Global Sales Successfully

GloBAS International is pleased to launch a series of workshops about expanding sales into new markets and international business development strategies in general.

GloBAS International is committed to helping businesses thrive in the global marketplace. Our upcoming series of workshops is designed to empower business development managers with the knowledge and strategies needed to expand sales abroad.

The first workshop, scheduled for November 1st, 11am CET time will cover 10 Basic Hints to Establishing Global Sales Successfully. We understand that venturing into new markets can be a challenge, which is why we will explore the key hints and insights that can make the process smoother and will bring faster ROI. Whether you’re an experienced business professional or just beginning to explore international sales, this workshop will offer valuable insights to help your company or start-up on its journey.

During the workshop, Irina Voronkina, founder of GloBAS Group, Tutor for MBA course International Business Development Strategy, proven with 20-years practical experience will dive into various market entry options. She will highlight the benefits and challenges of channel sales approach as an effective way to reach a broader audience and maximize your sales potential. Additionally, we will address the critical steps to take after you’ve established connections with partners onboard, ensuring a successful ongoing relationship.

By participating in GloBAS workshops, you’ll gain practical tools to navigate the complex landscape of global sales. These workshops are a fantastic opportunity to learn from industry expert with huge practical experience in a number of areas and to connect with like-minded professionals who are also looking to expand their horizons and achieve global success.

We are awaiting to sharing our expertise and helping you make your mark on the global stage. 

Register for the workshop here.

About a speaker:
Irina Voronkina, Msc. Eng., MBA is an expert with over 20 years of practical experience in international business development strategy, export sales and marketing. Graduated as an engineer, Mrs. Voronkina started her career in 2002 with a global marketing manager position in a US Software company, followed by a number of positions in Europe and in Emerging markets, always heading up Global Sales and Business development.

Besides the practical experience, Irina got her MBA degree from Open University, UK and continued as a Tutor for International Business Development Strategy and Channel Sales.

In 2011 Mrs. Irina Voronkina established GloBAS International company to help SMBs expand abroad. With over 100 projects company enhanced greatly its experience and methodologies. In 2014 Irina founded a software distribution business, called GloBAS Engineering. This forced GloBAS Group to understand deeply how sales argumentation works from the channel partner’s and resellers’ side.

GloBAS Group of companies benefits each other and successfully serves its’ customers all over the world.

In case of any questions, feel free to us at contact@globasinternational.com  or book time for an online call here.