India’s Manufacturing Transformation

Lately, GloBAS International has been observing an increase in activity among manufacturers from India. In recent years, India has been more known as a country engaged a lot in the outsourcing and subcontracting industries. Nowadays we see a constantly growing interest from Indian manufacturers in entering foreign markets. India’s manufacturing sector is on the rise, and this vigor is prompting companies across the country to look beyond their borders for growth opportunities and partnerships.

GloBAS International has had several successful collaborations with Indian companies. For instance, we assisted an Indian cosmetics manufacturer in entering the Eastern European market. Additionally, we recently completed a project for another Indian company, which operates under both Indian and French brands, aiding them in identifying and establishing successful initial connections in new emerging markets.

To our colleagues with perspective products and services, it’s worth considering: Peers are establishing themselves in Europe, and now might be the right time for you to explore similar international prospects. The world is ready to embrace the quality, innovation, and diversity that Indian manufacturers can bring to the table.

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