GloBAS is succeeding in CIS markets

In the frame of the business development project for our customer from Finland, GloBAS Group has made research and onboarding of channel sales in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan markets. Since 2006 GloBAS is specializing in channel sales strategy, searching and recruiting resellers, distributors, and all kinds of sales partners in different parts of the world.

Our customer, a world-famous manufacturer of crimping machines from Finland had a task to explore and establish a sales channel partnership in the CIS region. GloBAS international project manager, Leyla Abbasova, who is originally from Azerbaijan led the project. Over 12 one-to-one pre-scheduled business meetings took place during a one-week trip to Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan only. We were amazed at how welcome the prospect resellers were in these countries. After 1,5 months of preparation work for the trip, the meetings passed in a friendly and productive atmosphere. Right during the first trip, the project has been also introduced to the biggest oil&gas company in the region.

“My impression from our meetings was very good and yes, I think already now I can say that we have found top candidates in both countries. I have to say that I’m very impressed and satisfied with Leyla’s work, it was so professional, and everything was planned very well.”, says Per Broman, senior sales manager of the customer company.

Often we are trying to focus on the biggest markets for the business development priorities. What might be out of our attention is that the biggest markets are also the most competitive, the most difficult to enter, and the most demanding. This project is an excellent example of how good and “low hanging” sales perspectives could be hidden in the markets, which one could not even consider at first glance.

GloBAS will be glad to open new regions for your business – starting from an initial overview and up to turn-key sales strategy implementation.