GloBAS International visited MRO Middle East Aviation week

GloBAS International, a leading provider of Sales Representative services, for the niche manufacturers and service oriented companies in the emerging markets has visited MRO Aviation Show, held annually in Dubai.

The event brought together key players in the aviation industry from all over the world, including airlines, manufacturers, suppliers, and regulators. GloBAS International was attending to talk to the companies who is just starting their way in exploring the Middle East region. Since 2006 GloBAS is supporting SMB companies who consider diversification of their sales through expanding to the new regions.

The regional expansion often related to the high costs, risks and uncertainty. GloBAS International suggests cost effective and transparent way to explore the new market in a smart way. We have helped dozens of companies to start and enlarge sales in the new regions and now we are headquartered in Dubai, covering Middle East as one of the most perspective, stable and ever-growing market.

The event was a success for GloBAS International and the company looks forward to attending future events to continue to strengthen its position as a niche player in the aviation industry supply chain representative.

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