Despite COVID-19, 99% of FDI projects in Russia will be implemented.

  • In 2019, Russia again ranked ninth in the top 10 most attractive countries for foreign investors in Europe.
  • Germany took the first place in terms of the number of FDI in Russia – this index grew by 50% and amounted to 36 projects.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 10% of FDI projects in Europe are canceled, another 25% are frozen. 51% of investors are going to slightly cut the planned volumes of FDI for 2020, 15% expected to be significant cut.
  • In Russia, 34% of FDI projects announced in 2019 are already at the completion stage, 65% have been confirmed to continue this year, and only 1% have not yet been confirmed.

Germany took the first place in terms of the number of FDI in Russia. The second place was shared by China and France, each country has invested in 22 projects. In 2019, the US dropped to fourth place.

The leader among foreign investors, as in the previous four years, is the agri-food sector, with 41 FDI projects in it.

The second place is taken by the production of machinery and equipment. Here the leader is Germany (seven projects), the USA (four projects) and Finland (three projects).

Despite the fact that Russia has felt the impact of the economic crisis due to the pandemic and the fall in oil prices, previously initiated projects are still being implemented, new deals are being concluded.

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