Another annual KISSsoft software training session took place in St. Petersburg.

Despite the difficult and unstable situation in the world currently, the GloBAS Group was able to organise the annual training of the Swiss company KISSsoft AG ( The main goal of the training was to learn how to work with KISSsoft software modules for calculating and analysing gears, shafts, bearings, as well as modelling spur and planetary gearboxes in assembly. The training was attended by representatives of the 6 leading industrial enterprises of Russia.

The training took place in St. Petersburg from 26th to 30th October. Unlike previous events, the lead engineer of KISSsoft AG provided training remotely. Due to closed borders, the GloBAS Group had to partially transfer the training to a virtual space. Despite the fact that this format was implemented for the first time, the productivity of the training remained at a high level.