Supplier search

GloBAS Group helps to determine the optimal region for opening a representative office of your company abroad, depending on the tasks. We will guide you through all the stages and specifics of opening a representative office in the selected region.

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Local representatives in each country

Technical support of our engineer during the project

Possibility to arrange supply and logistics “turn-key”



Search and creating a list of potential suppliers:

  1. Approval of the profile of a potential supplier and the required products;
  2. Checking of the primary found companies for compliance with the requirements;
  3. Search and compilation of a complete list of potential suppliers of the required components;
  4. Clarification of information available in open sources (contact details, founders, foreign trade experience, turnover, year of foundation, etc.);
  5. Arrangement of primary priorities of potential suppliers together with the Customer.

Terms: 1 week


Preparation for negotiations and establishing contact with potential suppliers:

  1. Formation of a standard request draft in the language of the region to be sent to potential suppliers;
  2. Initial contact to find out the decision maker and interest in cooperation;
  3. Request for current price offers for items of interest and supply opportunities;
  4. Clarification and coordination with the Customer of basic issues for identifying the potential;
  5. Coordination of an online meeting to discuss details and the formation of a short list of potential suppliers with direct contact details.

Terms: 2 week


Organization of a meeting and participation of a project manager, native speaker, in online negotiations:

  1. Coordination of the time and format of the meeting;
  2. Translation and communication support during the meeting;
  3. Fixing the results of the meeting and one-time sending of information to the parties following the results of the meeting.

Terms: 1 week


Coordination and project management of work with suppliers on a turnkey basis:

  1. Complete execution of communications with suppliers and turnkey delivery of products;
  2. Work, as part of the Customer’s team and fully on behalf of the Customer, to ensure efficient and optimal foreign trade processes with suppliers;