The GloBAS Group helps companies to operate in regional markets as if they were operating in the region with their own subsidiary. With our local and native representatives in CIS, China, Europe, the USA and GCC region we can become a part of your global team and perform local sales and coordination on behalf of your company. 

Let’s discuss your project in a 1 hour free consultation.

Managing daily business

Representing our clients in regional markets is what we do best! This can include a whole array of things or “just” helping out with a trade fair event or a specific customer case. Mostly, however we are in it for the long run and represent clients on a continual basis  with the following services:

  • Working with prospective and established clients in the region;
  • Searching for new customers and processing incoming requests;
  • Coordination of sales partners and sub-contractors;
  • Arranging local marketing, events and PR;
  • Taking care of documentation and internal logistic operations.

Finding new suppliers or sub-contractors

In the current economic environment it is critical to have the best-priced, high-quality and reliable suppliers. Our company will help to establish relations with new partners:

  • Searching and creating a long-list of potential suppliers, according to your requirements;
  • Introductory negotiations and checking all the criteria from prospective suppliers;
  • Establishing direct contact and helping in the first stage of negotiations;
  • Searching, choosing and recruiting local subcontractors (outsourcing IT, logistics, translation services).

Establishing a branch

When a business requires a local legal entity, just contact us for:

  • Budget estimations for the initial opening and monthly charges;
  • Search of the required office and/or stock spaces;
  • Legal company establishment;
  • Formal company address and direct phone line; 
  • Accounting outsourcing.

Legal and accounting advice

We have experienced international lawyers in our team to deal with:

  • Checking and creating agreements of different categories;
  • Helping in the event of any disputes according to existing contracts;
  • Advising you on your specific business situation .

Logistics and Custom clearance support

Our partners in logistics would be glad to support you in:

  • Delivery of goods;
  • Customs clearance advice and calculations;
  • Arranging all the international and local delivery (“turn-key”)
  • Considering local stock opportunities