Can you work under commission basis?

We do not work on the commission scheme, at least during the first year of cooperation.

There are several reasons for it:
– The sales cycle of the projects we worth with normally is quite long – from 6 to 12 months minimum. During this period we invest all necessary resources to bring your products to the new market in shortest terms and with minimum risks.
– We are not the experts in each particular product type. Moreover – as we never take 2 competing projects, we approach every customer with individual basis, working out target audience, sales schemes, local procedures and marketing.
– Understanding the market and fitting the product to the new market require investments. In case of working with GloBAS the amount of investments is similar to cost of single exhibiting in the local fair. But results are very different.
– We are realists and understand that not everything depends on us. We’ll do our best for the success, but in the rare cases particular product is not good for particular market. Due to wrong time, too many competitors or absence of the market niche. All we can promise in this case – we tell this to you honestly and as early as possible to avoid huge mistakes.

We charge at the fixed rate per project (divided step-by-step) or by hourly fee. After first year of common partnership, knowing each other and seeing the progress on the market we can return to the discussion of commission basis work.

What fields are included in the prospects database?

In the preliminary search of prospects or sales partners we use the information available only in open sources.
Basic information includes:
– Company Official Name
– Address and Subsidiaries
– Corporate Phone number

Additional fields, according to the agreement with customer might include:
– Particular specialization of the company
– Supplied products
– Comments on specific areas, if available in open sources

The rest data, depends on the country and depth of the research. In some countries, like Germany – information about the Shareholder and General director must be published on the web-site by law and we put it in the database of course. In other countries, like Russia – shareholder names could be found in some cases from open third-party sources, but it is not always up-to-date and we recommend double-check this data during the first contact.

Optionally, if the number of prospects are limited and the very detailed information is required – we can request and research special data for each prospect from official authorities and provide this to customer.

Do you have ready to use databases of prospects / partners?

Yes and No. As we are working in the particular areas, as industrial, automotive, machinery, electrical components, software etc. We have of course, lot’s of information and personal contacts in the mentioned areas. However each project is unique and target audience in terms of clients and sales partners differ in each case. So during each project we always use a combination: check whether we already have good prospects in the customer field and always search manually for more new contacts in the target area for particular customers.

For the confidentiality and reputational aspects we NEVER sell or share the databases we created for our customers with any third-parties! Important, that we never work with competing projects and in case of any intersections single partner or client can only be contacted for supplementary or different product groups, but not competing for our current or former projects.

How would you guarantee the result of your work?

Hmm… How would any fair or conference or establishing own subsidiary guarantee? :)

We guarantee that we do our job! We guarantee that if we go into the project of recruiting sales partners or customers, you will have the following intermediary results:
– XLS long-list of the target contacts. First 5-10 companies to double-check, if we are on the right way and then all the rest (normally from 50 companies and more) with intermediary weekly or under request reporting;
– Prepared and agreed with you scenario of first telephone introduction (in English and local language, so you can check and approve) and necessary follow up email with initial marketing materials;
– Recorded in English feed back from EACH telephone discussion! In XLS database or on separate lists. We record all our telephone discussions – so original of the conversation also might be pull out in the doubtful situations;
– we schedule B2B with the most priority and interested partners – normally 10-15 meetings per week. And this we CAN guarantee! Compared to exhibiting 😉

The rest of course depends on the project and on what kind of result do you expect? Is it realistic? Does it mention the current situation with the product, in the new region? Are you sure this is an actual situation? Did you research it? Di we help you to do this research?

WE recommend to get the information first! To guarantee or at least to safe as much as possible the next and bigger investments. Let us do the research for you! I guarantee, if there will be no potential – we will tell in the very beginning, sometimes even before the project start. We guarantee – we are honest with our customers.

Do I need visa to travel to Russia?

Yes, to travel to Russia visa is needed in most of the cases. We highly recommend to start visa application process well in advance, at least 2-3 weeks before the dates of the trip.

There are 2 type of visa you may use for your trip:

TOURIST visa – we recommend this type of visa, if you have short-term stay (1-2 weeks) and do not yet plan to visit Russia on regular basis. Often TOURIST visa is also used to visit partners or customers.
– comparably cheap, fast and easy to get;
– only scanned copy of invitation from any authorized travel agency or hotel is needed;

– one entrance only;
– short-term stay only;
– dates and cities of the visit must be fixed in advanced.

BUSINESS visa – we recommend this type, if case you need to visit Russia on regular basis. Please, note that invitation is accepted only from authorized officials and normally is also arranged via touristic companies. You can not just take an invitation from your business partner, it won’t be accepted in the Consulate
– Multi-Entrance during 1 year;
– Flexibility in dates of the trip

– Comparably long, expensive and bureaucratic procedure;
– Invitation must be in original paper or by e-code Telex
– Medical docs might be required by Consulate.

We have reliable partners, who will be glad to help in getting north types of visa for your business in Russia.

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