Irina Voronkina as a regional account manager on Sales meeting in Edinburgh

On 14-17th May 2019, Mrs. Irina Voronkina, acting as a regional account manager for one of GloBAS Group clients, visited the annual sales meeting, which took place in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over 30 sales agents from 20 different countries attended the meeting this year in the headquarters of the company.  For ethical reasons we cannot disclose the name of the client.

Over two days, colleagues discussed the specifics of sales in different regions, strategic approaches to product development, shared experiences and stories of success, regarding their work with customers and prospective customers alike. “We are acting as sales representatives in Russia for different companies, with different structures, cultures and mentalities. I strongly believe that such meetings greatly help to increase effectiveness, improve  sales approaches and make more lucrative deals for each and every regional account manager” – says Irina Voronkina.

GloBAS Group does not  offer only temporarily services for business development and establish sales’ channels in the regions. In Russia and The CIS – we successfully act as long-term sales and regional account representatives. Being completely integrated in customer sales and the corporate environment we serve as fully fledged local subsidiaries with non-risk, reasonable investments and the highest ROI. This service includes personal communications with key accounts, lead generation, face-to-face regional sales meetings and follow ups, partners coordination, marketing and PR, recruiting, controlling and motivation of sales partners, etc. GloBAS Group welcomes those who are considering business in Russia to discuss the opportunities available to them.