GloBAS Group with client visited flood protection unit in St. Petersburg

On March, 26-27th GloBAS Group and Hunger Hydraulik GmbH (Germany) made a visit to the Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex within the project of Hunger Hydraulik in Russia, managed by GloBAS Group. The CEO of GloBAS Group, Ms. Irina Voronkina, together with CEO of Hunger Hydraulik, Ms. Ingrid Hunger, and Head of Engineering and Export, Mr. Ingo Rühlicke, held an inspection of the hydraulic cylinder installed at the Dam.

At the end of the meeting, both companies expressed the hope that the cooperation between Hunger Hydraulik and GloBAS Group would continue to be stable and effective in the future.

Hunger Hydraulik and GloBAS Group, being its commercial representative, have a long and close business relationship. Hunger Group is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic components and customer-specific hydraulic system solutions. Since 2008, four hydraulic cylinders of Hunger Hydraulik have been successfully being in operation at the Flood Protection Complex.

The Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex is a 25 km complex of dams for flood control near Saint Petersburg. This is a unique hydrotechnical construction with the 6 lane highway on top. The Dam consists of 11 dams, 2 water-locks, 1.8 km long underwater tunnel and 2 km long bridge.